We believe that artistic creativity is an essential item for our group to stay alive, and think in future.
We have a very dynamic and active way of composing, and we love to do it. Our compositions are based on a basic principle of dialogue between instruments of different cultures.
We create “conversations” between the rudimental drumming and the textures and expressions of our legüero bass drum.
We could define it as a rudimentary modern hybrid style, which is not limited to a particular idea, but on the contrary, it transmutes piece after piece incorporating new ideas and influences.


To #sharethetradition is a goal that involves much more than ourselves and our music.
The simple act of taking the tradition of the rudimental drumming world to any place that is within our reach makes this type of percussion prevail over time and grow at the community level.
In this way the tradition is kept alive and gives the possibility that drummers can not only know it, but incorporate it and use it as an inspiration for the new rudimentary music to be created.


We share a big passion for learning and teaching. We are emphatic when we talk about educational factors. We develope workshops and private lessons to promote knowledge of this particular type of art as well as to publicize all those nutritional aspects of rudimental drumming that directly benefit any type of percussionist, either due to the technical content as well as the range. expressive that is gained by learning this type of language.



Damián Bonesi - Snare Drum & Director

Private Lessons / Editor consultant in Pulsa Musica Publishing / LATAM representative in SIRD.

Samanta Casarramona - Snare Drum

Teacher in “Orquesta Escuela'' program / Private Lessons / Orchestral Percussionist / Drum kit Drummer in Polandria

Gustavo Olech - Bass Drum & “Bombo Legüero”

Professional Drum Kit Drummer / Private Lessons

Lorena Moreno Xammar - “Bombo Legüero”

Teacher in Music & Percussion / Private Lessons / Orchestral Percussionist / Drum kit Drummer


Luciana Garófalo - Flute

Flute Player / Private Lessons

Lisandro Parada - Music Composer

Orchestral Percussionist / Professor at IUPA / Drum Kit drummer in “La Estafa Dub”